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Did you know The word "Gang" derives from the past participle of Old English gan, meaning "to go"? It is cognate with Old Norse gangr, meaning "journey." It typically means a group of people, on a journey.

YOTA Is always welcoming new members to join our official Womb Gang
Womb Gang is a private group of womb-center sisters on a journey to heal themselves, their community, and hold space for each other’s holistic wellbeing and growth. We are a subdivision of Yoniversity Online Training Academy

Our Mission

We believe that no matter what phase of life you are in, it is never too late to learn about the deepest and most intimate parts of yourself. You shouldn’t have to be a doctor or a trained physician to understand how. There is large information deficiencies and health disparities women are faced within the United States today, especially amongst black women. Team YOTA has chosen to take the initiative to bridge this gap between wisdom and women. 

Yoniversity Online Training Academy is on a global mission to teach women alternative healing methods for feminine health. 

We are committed to passing down womb wisdom that inspires mental, physical, and spiritual wealth. 

We aim to support women in a holistic way that urges them to embody the truest expression of themselves.

If this resonates with you, we would love to have you join us!



All Womb Gang members earn an affiliate commission of 10% from any course enrollment generated from their personal affiliate link.

 All Womb Gang Affiliates are eligible to apply for open paid positions within the company. When positions are available they will be notified via email through their affiliate dashboard. 
All Womb Gang affiliates have the opportunity to apply for volunteer positions, this allows them to work hands-on
with the YOTA team, which includes community outreach and social media management. 
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Re-assemble your sisterhood and create your future vision.  

One of the biggest mistakes that hold us women back from stepping into our feminine leadership is neglecting to come together creatively. We need to extend our sisterhood, inside and outside of our familiar circles. We all need a sisterhood because, a sisterhood will allow us to become fluid in our own feminine nature, as well as expand us outside of our comfort zones. As women we blossom when engaged in positive sisterhood. Sisterhoods hold us accountable, leading us into inevitable transformation and growth.

A sisterhood focused on womb wellness helps us to experience our true potential and strategize the most effective path to making our visions manifest.

At Yoniversity our sisterhood is known as the “Womb Gang”. We are a collective of women consisting of YOTA alumna, YOTA mentors, and womb-centered sisters on a path to whole healing. 

Today I am here to tell you… You can sit with us!!

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 A woman’s health is the soil out of which of humanity grows. Enhancing a woman’s health fertilizes and replenishes this soil for everyone - men, women, child, plants, animals, and the planet itself.

Show me the way, I want in on everythang!!

Your best life awaits...

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