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Become a certified

Holistic Womb Wellness Coach & Advocate   

We believe that no matter what phase of life you are in, it is never too late to learn about the deepest and most intimate parts of yourself, and you shouldn’t have to be a doctor to do it.

Or Get Paid For It! 


Reclaim Your Womb & Your Wealth! 

Become a certified
Holistic Womb Wellness Coach & Advocate

We believe that no matter what phase of life you are in, it is never too late to learn about the deepest and most intimate parts of yourself, and you shouldn’t have to be a doctor to do it.

Or Get Paid For It!


If you're looking to launch a wildly successful womb-centered business, you're in the right place.


In a world where health disparities and infant mortality rates continue to peek especially among black women. Yoniversity Online Training Academy™ is on a mission to grow a global community of women who passionately choose to be a part of the solution and not a statistic one womb at a time, and our Womb Wellness 101 ecourse is the perfect place to get you started! 

Just a girl who decided to go for it!


You should join YOTA if...

You feel a deep calling to change the narrative surrounding women's reproductive health, and make an incredible impact in the world.

You’re a women-centered business owner looking to deepen your knowledge about womb health and are interested in growing your business, client base, and revenue.

If you are ready to take ownership of your body, reproductive health, and begin your own womb wellness journey

You’re ready to start a wildly successful womb-centered business.

Holistic Womb-Centered Coach, Momma of 2, Pizza & Wine connoisseur,
Yoni whisperer, Yoga Lover,
Lifestyle Alchemist.

Hey! I'm Kim
 Founder Of 

Yoniversiy Online

Training Academy™

& Your New #1 fan! 


Sister, I see you!

And I know that when you envision your best self, you are aligned with your calling, accessing your innate ability to heal and guiding others along the way.

You being here at this very moment is no coincidence and no surprise, as you have known for a long time you have a gift, a strong intuition, a sensitivity to energy. You have a nurturing spirit, you are a way-shower. Maybe right now you’re trying to figure out how to “show up” for yourself, and integrate this gift into building a business that allows you to support other women healing in a holistic way, that transforms their lives in a way that urges them to embody the truest expression of themselves.

Do you want to know what else I know? If you are still reading this right now you are ready to activate your purpose. You're ready to take what you already know and what you will learn here at YOTA and turn it into a life-changing flow of currency.



You're going to



Amazing Freebie #1

A Beginners Guide To Essential Oils For Womb Health  


---> How to use and blend essential oils for different feminine health issues.

---> What Essential Oils Are
---> Health Benefits of Essential Oils
---> The Emotional Benefits of Essential Oils

---> Safety Guidelines For Essential Oils + More! 

Amazing Freebie #2

My 'Yoni Power' Playlist

 Dancing is a powerful way to unlock stuck energy in the pelvis and awaken the Divine Feminine life force. 
This is why winding, popping, and shaking the hips, booty, and waist feel so damn good. You're not only connecting with your sensual nature but increasing blood flow to your yoni and releasing stagnation. Creative Manifestation energy needs room to flow!

Press Play

"The Womb is a not a place to be mindful of only during your menstrual cycle and childbirth it is a direct connection to the highest source, a sacred tool of manifestation."

~ Kim Morris


Feminine Health & Hygiene (The PreReq)

This is the Sex Ed we should have all learned in grade school, but did NOT. In this course, you will be given fundamental information about the feminine health experience. Much of what you will learn here most assume we as women would know but unfortunately do not. Truth told, what you will learn in this prerequisite many would never know unless they were a med student, or so passionate about their feminine reproductive health that they decided to own it! I have a feeling that's YOU! 


Your Business Birthing Blueprint™

Your Business Birthing Blueprint™ is our Holistic Womb Wellness Coach & Advocate certification training that is comprised of three core levels focused on physical, spiritual, and financial health. At the end of each training, you will have greater confidence, resilience, and information, as well as both personal and interpersonal skills that will allow you to better assist your clients in receiving their desired reproductive health goals. You will also have begun your own womb wellness journey or expanded upon the one you are currently on. 


Coaching Services

Want to dive deep? Join me for a 1:1 VIP day or group coaching session. Nothing appeases me more than witnessing the women around me evolve! 


"Seriously - YOTA is life changing!" 

Starting a business, growing a business all of those things have their challenges. Yoniversity for me is the true embodiment of what it means to find your tribe. Not only is it a place where I came to get more knowledge and education about my womb-centered business, and how to heal myself, but it’s also been a space where I can see women who are constantly motivating me and dedicated to furthering themselves, and that's the true beauty in all of this. The sisterhood, the gang of women here showing up every day for themselves. I do suggest that every woman find their tribe and for me Yoniversity is it!

Geneva Rayne

We have an entire community of womb-centered women waiting to meet you inside our membership community. It is here where you will

Gain access to the tools, recourses, and support You need to build and scale your womb-cantered business.
What you'll get access to:

  • Done- for- you womb-centered PLR content.
  • eBooks.
  • Discounts on enrollment, events, services, and products.
  • Access to a library of womb-centered trainings.
  • Access to a community of womb wellness professionals. + More! 
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Birthing Your Business Without The Labor Pains

A Step-by-Step Workbook to Launching A Wildly Successful Womb-Centered Business. 


This is a full-proof step-by-step guide that I wish I had when I got started. However, because I didn't, I have made all the unnecessary mistakes for you, so now you can just glow up! 

Grab My Copy Now ➡

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The Leiamoon Difference


Activate Your Womb With This  Powerful Mini Affirmation Deck.

I speak words and affirmations through this deck and over you to awaken your womb. My intention is to activate your innate source of GOD Consciousness and Divine Wisdom. I command from my own source of infinite Divine Power that with every syllable you speak it creates a vibration that manifests as right truth in your current reality, and beyond. 





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